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Our Visions

Let’s Be Honest

Work directly with Consultants and Account/Project Managers who understands programming and technical intricacies. We are brutally honest in giving you the best advice. We don’t over promise. We don’t fluff.

It just works

As developers and engineers by training, we take pride in our work. Extreme pride. If there’s something that doesn’t work well, we are at the mercy of our Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to fix them for you. On the spot.

Quality over Quantity

We are engineering-oriented not sales-oriented. While many Development Houses focus on churning out client projects like sweat shops, we focus on writing beautiful pieces of code that minimizes your technical debt.

  • Original Dream

    Dwork means Dreamwork, which is a original dream of a man who has been motivated by friends, family and community. From the very beginning, with only 3 people, we work very hard every days and nights, write code in the dream, solve every problems that we met and it makes us strong and solid.

  • Partner

    After a year, we got investment from TriPath, our partner and also one of the top high-stack development labs in Korea. Today, with this prosper, we are looking for new Dreamworkers who are young and passion, want to teach and share the knowledge, and also share the the same vision.

  • And remember

    At Dwork, we are stern with others, strict with ourselves. We work hard and play hard together to make the best products which will be used by millions of people. The world should be better with our help.

We're hiring


We do work a lot with web technologies, embracing the cloud computing platforms. If you are more of the good old guy, pick this one. We welcome who speaks PHP and willing to be the changing force of the new era.

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For some reason if you love making mobile app but are strongly against iOS, we also have a place for you and we expect a lot of droid hacking from you, showing us that Apple is crap. Don't worry, the work environment is still perfectly peaceful.

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If you have passion for mobile development and don't know where to start, we'll train you and show you how you could leverage your skills to do what you love. You won't be stucked with a single project forever, in fact you could do multiple if you want to. You will never get bored.

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