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Company Overview

DWORK has an exciting future ahead and you should join us if you want to be in it.

More will be disclosed when you’re in

Our values

  • Experienced enough to have confident
  • Motivated enough to inspire others
  • Curious enough to keep learning
  • Bold enough to make a name for yourself


  • Follow best practice conventions and project structure
  • Reading blogs and compelling ideas how to improve our skills.
  • Know how to handle the entire software development life cycle, end to end.
  • Have good DBA and strong DB schema design skills
  • Must be able to write complex queries in SQL and understand the EXPLAIN query
  • Experience with troubleshooting browser rendering bottleneck
  • Experience with profiling PHP performance
  • Should have at least one project that uses Continuous Integration (CI) tools
  • Experience with modern javascript frameworks and differences between them


  • At least 1 year or 1 production project in experience
  • Best practice conventions and project structure. We hate fat file
  • Know how to use Git.
  • Can master any server-side PHP framework and client-side HTML framework quickly
  • HTML and CSS must be strictly DRY (i.e. CSS classes and HTML component must be reusable)
  • Be aware of basic web optimization methods (concatenate and minify JavaScript and CSS assets, sprites)
  • Experience with using browser Web Inspector
  • Experience in Linux environment to do basic sysadmin tasks
  • Knowledge of PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Good jQuery skills
  • OOP should be expected
  • Aware of CSS preprocessors
  • Responsive web with Bootstrap
  • Experience with some MVC PHP frameworks (YII , Phalcon, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, …)
  • Aware of search framework like Elastic-search
  • Hybrid app experience is a huge plus


  • Competitive salary ($700 - $1100 gross)
  • Insurance, snacks, transportation will be negotiable

Why you’ll love working here

  • Competitive salary
  • A workspace with great view to green Hoang Van Thu park (Yellow Flowers are there for fan boys too)
  • A bunch of funny and motivated people
  • Standing by window, sitting at desk, hugging the beanbag, lying on the floor. Free your style, bright your code

Why you’ll hate working here

  • Join foosball world’s champion
  • Fat boss
  • Cute Office/HR/Finance manager
  • Naughty dog
  • Get fat

How to apply?

You can prove yourself through Github, ziped source code, portfolio

Email to us at with title is [job_title] Your Name

Happy Coding, DWork's Team

Last updated: 29 Jan 2016